How am I supposed to read the LED V-I dotted line & tolerance definition in the specification?

MEAN WELL’s LED product specification normally exhibits V-I characteristics. Per the characteristics, there are generally two types of drivers, the “CC” type and the “CC+CV” type. “CC” type of driver is suitable only for LED applications whereas “CC+CV” is for either LED applications or general switching power supply applications. The section that is not suitable for LED applications are represented by dotted line, and based on the protection procedures it can be categorized into hiccup mode and constant current mode; in this section, the tolerance of current is not defined but only the characteristic of current is displayed. If customers attempt not to see a very high current under short circuit conditions, those models with hiccup mode for this section can be selected; if there are applications with motors or capacitive load, those with constant current can be chosen.

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Tag: CC+CV

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