How to choose a multiple output power supply?

The number of outputs, the available output voltage range and minimum load requirements are some key aspects to be considered when it comes to choosing a multiple output type PSU.

Basic power supplies in this category have a so-called minimum load requirement. These types of PSU rely on one same internal transformer to provide different outputs. For all outputs to work properly, a minimum current should always be drawn from the main output channel.

See below example how this is shown in the specification for the RPT-60A

More advanced power supplies such as the RT-65A do not have this restriction:

There are two options to select a multiple output PSU: a standard PSU with fixed output voltages, or modular power supplies. Modular PSUs can be personalized according to one’s systems requirements and offer much more flexibility than fixed output voltages PSUs. For instance, our NMP modular medical power supply series come with up to 6 slots for different output voltages from 3 to 55V which can be connected in series and parallel to adapt to each application.

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