What is CAN Bus?

A Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) is a bus standard initially developed for vehicle designed to allow multi-master with priority control without a host computer. The latest version is CAN 2.0 which consists of part A and part B. CAN 2.0A is for standard format with 11-bit identifier, and CAN 2.0B is for extended format with 20-bit identifier. CAN Bus is widely used in Automotive and industrial automation. There are not only 1 but many higher layer protocol such as CANopen, DeviceNet and more.

MEAN WELL CAN Bus product support CAN 2.0B (ISO-11898) with baud rate 250Kbps

MEAN WELL offers optionally CAN bus for PHP-3500, HEP-1000, RCP/RSP-1600, UHP-2500 and DRP/DPU-3200 and DBR/DBU-3200.

Categories: Charging, Industrial, Operation
Tags: CAN 2.0, CAN 2.0B, CAN Bus, Controller Area Network

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