What is the definition of IP (Ingress Protection) ratings? And what is MEAN WELL’s IP68 definition?

MEAN WELL has incorporated dust proofing and waterproofing into the majority of its LED power supply design. Mainly based on the international standard IEC60529, detailed descriptions can be found in the following table:
(Note: PSUs with IP64 rating or above are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications in sheltered locations)

IP xy protection level

Degree of protection, foreign bodies (x)Degree of protection, moisture(y)
0.    Not protected
1.    Solid foreign object (>50mm)
2.    Solid foreign object (>12mm)
3.    Solid foreign object (>2.5mm)
4.    Solid foreign objects of 1,0mm diameter and greater
5.    Amount of dust that would interfere with normal operation
Dust tight
0.      Not protected
1.      Vertically falling water drop
2.      Vertically falling water drop when enclosure is tilted up to 15 degrees
3.      Water sprayed at an angle up to 60o on either side of the vertical
4.      Water splashed against the component from any direction
5.      Water projected in jets from any direction (12.5 liter/minute)
6.      Water projected in powerfil jets from any direction (100 liter/minute)
7.      Temporary immersion in water ( 1 meeter from the surface of the water for 30 minutes)
8.      Continuous immersion in water, or as specified by the user / manufacture

*IP64-IP66 level products are suitable for damp indoor or sheltered outdoor environment. For actual installation limitations, please refer to the corresponding IP level tests.
*All products cannot be continuously submerged in water.
*The definition of IP68 by MEAN WELL: Immerse a unit under test in 1 meter below the surface of the water, tested with a dynamic condition where 12-hour AC on; 12-hour AC off.
Test duration: 1 month.

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