What is the input configuration for 3 phase input Power Supplies?

For a 3 phase PSU, the input port L1 L2 L3 and FG should be connected to AC phase R, S, T and PE respectively. In some cases, neutral might be needed and can be configured as below:

The same configuration can also be used if one want to use multiple single phase power supply for three phase connection.

For specific power supplies i.e., 3 phase power supplies with a lower power, a dual phase operation is possible by directly connecting the 2 phases to two of the three input ports of the power supply.

DC input can also be used by applying the positive wire to any of the input ports, and the negative one to another. In both cases, derating may be needed. (e.g., TDR series)

Categories: Industrial, Operation
Tags: 2 Phase, 3 Phase, Dual Phase, Single Phase, Three Phase, Two Phase

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