What power supply solutions does MEAN WELL offer with multiple output voltages?

Enclosed power supplies:

  • 35-125W applications: The RD, RT and RQ series provide dual, triple, and quadruple output.
  • 150-320W applications: The QP series comes with 4 different outputs.
  • 190-240W applications: The semi-potted HDP series provides dual output.

PCB-type power supplies:

  • 25-250W applications: The PD and PT series provide dual and triple output.
  • 45-200W medical applications: The MPD, MPT and MPQ series offer dual, triple, and quadruple output.

Configurable power supplies:

  • 400W fanless, the UMP-400 series is a convection cooled 1U height modular power supply and can provide up to 4 different outputs.
  • 450-1000W for ITE applications, MP series provides up to 7 different isolated outputs.
  • 650-1200W for ITE and medical applications, NMP series can provide up to 6 different isolated outputs with the NMS single output modules from 3~55VDC. With the NMD dual output module more outputs are possible in the 3~30VDC range. Additionally, the NMP offers a 5V AUX output.

Please also see our “NMP Page

Desktop-type power supplies:

  • 25-50W applications, our GP series is a triple-output type industrial adaptor. 

DC-DC modules:

  • 1-2W applications, the SMD-type DETN series comes with +/-5, 12 or 15V symmetrical outputs.
  • 3-30W applications, the DIP-type DCW, DCWN, RDDW, DKM, DKMW, DKA30 series come with +/- 5, 12 or 15V symmetrical outputs.
  • 20W ultra-wide input range requirements, the DIP-type RDDW20UW series can provide a +/-12, 15 and 24V symmetrical output.
  • 15W applications, the DIP-type DKE15 series offers a +/-5, 12, 15 or 24V symmetrical output.
  • 30W applications, the DIP-type TKA30 series offers a 5V output in addition to a +/-12 or 15V symmetrical output.
  • 10-15W applications, the on-board-type NSD series can provide a +/- 5, 12 or 15V symmetrical output.
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